Equestrian Biomechanics Courses

A growing library of educational courses & programs to maximise your knowledge and performance as a rider

Become A More Symmetrical, Balanced, Stronger, and Beautiful Looking Rider!

Want to become the best rider you can be? The 8 Week Rider Specific Exercises Program will help you do just that! To find out more click HERE.

Improve Your Riding with Equestrian Biomechanics Fundamentals!

COMING SOON! Want to find out the fundamental biomechanical principles to improve your riding? The Equestrian Biomechanics Fundamentals Course is under construction. Register your interest HERE.

Safely Return To Riding After Pregnancy

COMING SOON! Wanting to get back in the saddle after having babies but not sure where to start and how to do it safely? The Equestrian Biomechanics Return To Riding Program will help you rehabilitate your body for riding after having children. Register your interest HERE.

Re-Balance Your Body

COMING SOON! Do you ever feel twisted, crooked, or like you are interfering with your horse's movement? The Equestrian Biomechanics Re-Balancing Program will help you identify your own biomechanical weaknesses and how to address them to become a better rider. Register your interest HERE.

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