Helping Equestrian Riders Achieve Optimal Performance Through Biomechanics

Equestrian Biomechanics helps you understand the way you move with your horse, therefore improving your riding ability and performance.

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The Rider/Physio Behind Equestrian Biomechanics!

Hi, I’m Amalia!

I’m a passionate horse rider and physiotherapist!

I have previously competed in the dressage, eventing, and show jumping disciplines, always having a keen interest in how the rider’s body systems harmonise with the horse to create the best performance.

Through my physiotherapy studies, I have become equipped with the skills to assess and improve upon human movement in a variety of sports, with a natural interest in English equestrian disciplines.


I was frustrated with the lack of information available for equestrian riders on equestrian biomechanics.

The material in this blog is my attempt to combine my education and experience with physiotherapy with my education and experience in equestrian disciplines.

Through Equestrian Biomechanics I hope to help riders understand how their musculoskeletal system can work optimally and therefore improve athletic performance in equestrian sports.

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What is Equestrian Biomechanics?

To put it simply, Equestrian biomechanics is the study of the horse and rider, and how they move together in the sports of equestrian.

Biomechanics is the science of the structure, function and movement of the mechanical aspects of biological systems, including how muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments work together to produce movement.

Equestrian biomechanics studies human motion during riding. The rider’s position, posture, balance, and application of aids can have a significant influence on the horse, and ultimately their biomechanics too!

Biomechanics is extremely important for riding, perhaps more than other sports, as we have two biological systems moving together and influencing each other.

You're In The Right Place If:

  • You know there is room for improvement in your riding ability

  • You are frustrated with your position, balance, and/or posture when riding 

  • Your horse goes better on one rein compared to the other

  • You want to understand more about how your body works when riding

  • Your saddle slips to one side, you can’t keep your heels down, or you’ve not quite nailed the sitting trot 

  • You struggle with picking up the correct canter lead, or feeling for the right diagonal without looking

  • You wish your horse could understand your aids better

  • You want to know where your weaknesses are and how to improve them 

  • You are committed to becoming the best rider you can be

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